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Hi, I'm Joshua!


The only thing I wanted to be more than a doctor is a writer.


Now I'm a Texas-born, New England-bred barroom socialite, day trader and former professional student trying to find the right balance between eating too much halal and not doing enough yoga.

Contrary to popular belief, the “ua” in my name is not silent. 

Currently my biggest challenge in life is teaching my puppy the floor is not a bathroom.

And yes, my mustache is real.

Call me if you want my phone to start quacking. Email if you want it to whistle.

joshy vault boy-2.png


Applied Arts Creative Excellence; D&AD New Blood; Graphis (x2); NYX Marcom – Grand; NYX Game – Silver; Vega Arcturus (x2); Vega Centauri (x3)

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