Cosmic Egg
"Happy Egg, Happy Future"

Life is like a carton of eggs – you never know what you're gonna get. Drawing from its rich history as a fortune telling device, Happy Egg will take the uncertainty out of life by spreading good fortune to anyone who eats our eggs.

Secondary Egg colors if needed.png

Happiness by the Dozen.

12 eggs, 12 astrological signs. Just find your sign and scan the QR code using your smartphone.

Printed AR Eggs.png

Fortunes Served Sunny-Side Up

Using AR technology, the Cosmic Egg will appear to read you your fortune.

AR Egg Still shot.png

Magic Egg Ball

Anyone who shares their fortune one dozen times on social media will get a Cosmic Egg of their own. Fully-equipped with its own wisdom and insights, this egg can answer any yes or no question you throw at it. So get crackin'!

Magic Egg Ball 2.png

Copywriting by Joshua Blanco
Art Direction by Hunter Swink & Kamiin Valree