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Hawaiian Punch

"The Punch with a Punch"

Despite years of success, Hawaiian Punch isn't as popular as it used to be. So we're rewarding anyone who can help our mascot, Punchy, get his punch back.


Punchy is his name, punching was his game. But somewhere along the way he lost his punch. Now he needs your help getting it back.

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Swiping up on Punchy's story will take you to an interactive Instagram scavenger hunt where you'll try to spot the lost gallons of Hawaiian Punch.

Hawaiian Punch Updated Scrolling Baord-01 (1) copy.jpg
Full Scavenger Hunt.png


Click a square to explore the area and get a closer look.

Closeup Three.png
Closeup One.png
Actual Closeup two.png

Think You Found It?

Not all punch is created equal. Some are just decoys. Take another jab at it.

Sucker Punch (Reg Background).png
Sucker Punch Mockup.png

Got It!

Clicking on the right gallons will link you to an image revealing one piece of a map. Find all the punches to get all the pieces.

Map Piece 3.png
Map Piece 1.png
Map Piece 2.png

Punch Out

Once you've found all the pieces, follow the map to the precise location on one of the eight Hawaiian Islands and become the first one to claim the Lost Punch – a lifetime supply of Hawaiian Punch.

HP Machine.jpeg

Copywriting by Joshua Blanco
Art Direction by Hunter Swink

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